Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baskets and Bonnets...and Motorcycles? Oh My.

This Easter was the first one I've ever spent away from my family.  No egg hunts, no cinnamon rolls, no Reese's Eggs; I knew it would hardly feel like Easter.

In light of this, I decided to fill my day with things I love.

First, I got dressed up in my Easter best.

I got to skype with my family while they looked for Easter eggs and they showed me all the goodies the Easter Bunny left in my basket.  Apparently Santa and the Bunny share an address book; I was home for Christmas and I forgot to send my change of address, so my basket ended up in Michigan.  I'm not sure my candy is going to survive until the end of June...

I made my favorite French food: Tarte Flambee.  It's like delicious French pizza. The best part was making the dough.
I love to knead.

I had to make some time to decorate eggs.

Those markers were not made for egg decoration.
But they worked.

My poor little town was overrun with motorcycles and motorcycle fanatics for a motorcycle flea market. I wandered down to take advantage of the sunshine and to indulge in a faint daydream I have of hopping on the back of a bike and seeing the world fly by, of being one of the girls walking around in sundresses, casually carrying their helmets, gorgeous and hardcore.

e e cummings took me on a picnic to the park.

I mean...I took a picnic and my library books to the park.  I'll let you decide whether it's likely that I read e e cummings poems aloud, considerably weirding out some Frenchies nearby.

My Easter treats.
What did you lovelies do for Easter? Are you still sleeping off your Peeps induced sugar rush?


  1. I'm glad you at least had a chocolate bunny. and I am very intrigued by the concept of a motorcycle flea market... what does that even mean?

  2. 1. What is in that pile of stuff in the picture from the flea market?
    2. I love you read outloud in the park
    3. Love Love LOVE that you called them "Frenchies"
    4. I don't like peeps but the little peoples in my life love them and Little Girl calls them "Beaks"
    5. On Easter after talking to you, my dad made this ridiculous prime rib 5-8lbs piece of meat... it had a really good flavor because it was really seasoned on the outside but it was a little too rare for my taste and it was really expensive... which is why it was ridiculous. And we had out epic easter egg hunt inside because it was raining... which was sad. But it was a good day and I'm glad yours was too!!

  3. B, I have no idea what that stuff is, besides "motorcycle flotsam and jetsam." Your guess is as good as mine!

    Glad you had a good easter!

  4. i LOVE those top pictures of you! did you do those yourself??? i also love your Easter picnic, it's so cute! my Easter was lame and uneventful and i'm here with my family... sort of. so your day sounds more fun than mine was.