Monday, April 25, 2011

A Travel Outfit

Before I come home, I'm going on a few more big trips with people I love this. I've been blessed to make so many memories with old and new friends during my time here, and I can't wait to make some more.

Because I'm planning these trips,  I've been thinking about my ideal spring and summer traveling outfit.  Actually dreaming about my ideal outfit, as I'm saving all my money to pay for these trips.  But if I had some disposable income right now, this is what I would buy for drinking tea in Bath or traipsing around Rome:

  1. A stylish leather backpack, like this one from LeMode accessories, to carry all my necessaries, but keep me from looking too much like a tourist.
  2. A light summer scarf in a fun color. If you want to look more European, the easiest thing to do is throw on a scarf. (Warning: in France, you will fit in better with a more muted color. But I've worn black all winter, and I'm ready for some color.)
  3. A comfortable, cute dress that can be dressed up or down, in a suitcase-friendly material, like this one from Five Bamboo.  
  4. Some basic jewelry that I could wear with other outfits, too. I've been learning to pack lightly this year.
  5. A light spring jacket with a hood. Travel doesn't stop for a chilly evening or a sudden rainstorm.
  6. Sunglasses.  I find it's easier to people-watch when they can't tell where your eyes are looking.
  7.  Comfortable, cute sandals. I love how basic these ones are.
  8.  Okay, I know a DSLR camera is not fashion.  But it's the one accessory that I've wanted to add to almost every outfit I've worn this year.
  9. I like to carry a small fan to keep cool when I travel in the summer; my current one was purchased for one euro in Italy six years ago. It's starting to break, so I might be looking for a new one when I'm there this summer!

Anything else you think is necessary for fabulous spring and summer traveling?  I just realized I forgot to include my Nalgene water bottle, another summer travel must.


  1. Muted color? that makes me kinda sad...

  2. B, don't even worry about this whole muted color concept, it's overrated. I vote bold and beautiful, they are going to know you are a tourist when they speak in French and you just look at them quizzically.

  3. twin, are you gonna pack for me???